About me


You can download Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen's CV.

I am Director of Emergence Consult

I own a consulting business called Emergence Consult.

Find me on LinkedIn, GitHub, and SourceForge.Net.

I was an Associate Professor

I was an Associate Professor the University of Aalborg, Department of Communication and Psychology. I left in November, 2014, in order to attend to my growing business, Emergence Consult.

I was a PhD student

I was a PhD student at the HCI Doctoral school of the HumInf section of the Department of Communication under Aalborg University.

My PhD research was centered around the notion of "annotated text databases". The empirical basis of my PhD came primarily from the Kaj Munk Research Centre. I was studying Kaj Munk per se, but rather how to store and retrieve the texts of Kaj Munk. Kaj Munk was a Danish pastor, author, poet, and playwright.

Change of name

In November 2007, I got married, and changed my name as a result. My former name was "Ulrik Petersen", but I am now "Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen".

I was an MA student

I completed my MA in Human-Centered Informatics at Aalborg University in mid-July, 2004.

My interests

My interests include:

  • Linguistics
  • Computer science
  • Linguistic databases

My background

I have a background in computer science and Math (B.Sc.) from University of Aarhus.

I'm a Christian

This is a defining characteristic of my life. I believe that Jesus Christ has paid my debt to God, so that I can have fellowship with him and experience his love on a daily basis.