Projects - studies

Past AAU projects

  • 7th semester: I wrote a very linguistically oriented project (in English), analyzing relative clauses in Koine Greek from a Role and Reference Grammar (RRG) standpoint.

    Download as zipped PDF, or view the report and the appendix as PDF.

  • 8th semester: I wrote a slightly less linguistically oriented project (in Danish) about noun phrases in Koine Greek seen the perspectives of Systemic Functional Grammar and X-bar syntax.

    Download as zipped PDF, or view the report and the appendix as PDF.

  • 9th semester: I wrote a project (in English) on creating an ontology of the Hebrew of Genesis chapters 1-3 by matching a concise lexicon of Hebrew with WordNet.

    Download as zipped PDF, or view the report.

  • MA thesis: My MA thesis (in English) was on converting Hebrew text to conceptual graphs.

    Download as PDF.

Bachelor project

My B.Sc. thesis described the Extended MdF database model (EMdF model), as well as the MQL database query language. I later implemented both in the Emdros project.

You can download/view the B.Sc. thesis through one of these links: plain PDF or ZIPped PDF, plain PostScript or ZIPped PostScript.

Note that the PDF version looks ugly and doesn't print well. The PostScript version is much better.

Note also that many of the ideas in this thesis have been superseded by later findings in the Emdros project.