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Download Ulrik's MA thesis


Thesis software

External software


Please note that:

The thesis implementation
is not
meant to be run as-is!

The reason is that I cannot redistribute either the WI analysis or the WI lexicon on which the implementation is based.

Since the process depends on this input, you really cannot run this as-is, except if you have access to those two databases.

The software is only provided for you to study and/or modify.

Having said that:

  • The thesis implementation is written in Jython. There's a README in there somewhere which explains how to use it.

    It uses:

    • Emdros
    • Notio (in the modified version)
    • Metamata
    • The Java SWIG bindings from lexont.
  • The lexont software is written in C++. It transforms the WI lexicon (not provided) to an ontology.

    It uses:

    • WordNet, and
    • libxml++, which in turn uses
    • libxml2.


  • Thesis implementation: BSD
  • lexont: GPL
  • Emdros: GPL
  • WordNet: See License for WordNet
  • Others: See their contents for details.