Nikita A. Kharlamov, Ph.D.

Nikita A. Kharlamov

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I primarily work at the intersection of psychology of perception, environmental psychology, and cultural psychology, with a focus on naturalistic studies in real-world urban environments. I also occasionally venture out into urban studies, history of science, and social theory. Current research in my lab at Aalborg University is primarily concerned with development of environment-related meanings (such as “home”), over relatively short time spans. We study how people acquire and modify such meanings of places in the course of their daily life, and how this development is related to different activities in the environment. We concentrate on ongoing here-and-now development, whereby people attribute semantic meaning to real-world scenes and their elements, as well as on development during particular life phases, whereby people form and change complex meanings of places especially in context of life course transitions. I am interested in supervising student work in the general area of environmental perception with a broad focus on urban environments, including but not limited to topics in cognitive maps and wayfinding, aesthetic judgments in urban settings, semantic meaning attribution in complex scenes, and life-course changes in meanings of places. The lab has just acquired SMI ETG 2w mobile eyetracking glasses, and projects in mobile eyetracking are a hign priority.

An old presentation from 2006 nicely captures many things that I am fascinated with in urban life (and urban studies).

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Please email me for appointments at other times (Wednesday or Friday afternoons work best).

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Nikita A. Kharlamov
Associate Professor
Department of Communication and Psychology
Aalborg Universitet
Kroghstræde 3
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