Current book projects:

1. American Icons - Transgression and commodification: A volume analysing iconic personae of the 1950s and 60s which still have recognizable image potency in the 21st century. Will include chapters on Elvis Presley and other music icons; Jane Fonda and other movie icons; John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan and other political icons; Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and other style icons; and Patty Hearst and other activist icons.

Transatlantic - A Cultural Text Studies Approach: A volume on transatlantic literary and cultural text studies, containing the following chapters: 
Clearing the Field, Crossing the Ocean (Introductory chapter, survey of the field, placement of work within field); Transatlantic Themes in American Generational Writings of the 1920s (Hemingway, Fitzgerald); Nella Larsen: Belonging Nowhere (Quicksand); T.S. Eliot’s Romanian Echoes (The Waste Land); J.D. Salinger’s Sergeant X: Returning with all your F-A-C-U-L-T-I-E-S intact? (“For Esmé, with Love and Squalor”); Satori in Paris: Begging the Question in Kerouac’s Quest for Roots; Jane Fonda in Space or in France? (Barbarella); Exile and Roving: Representations of Diaspora Identities in Van Morrison’s Lyrics; Raymond Federman: Future and Past Memory (The Twofold Vibration); Coupland’s Europe: Eurotrash vs. the All-American Girl (Shampoo Planet); Mason & Dixon: Measuring, Traversal and Transit.

3. Postmodern Jewish Novels: A volume projected to feature chapters on Raymond Federman, Michael Chabon, Mark Helprin, Steven Millhauser, Jonathan Lethem, Jonathan Safran Foer, Mark Z. Danielewski, Myla Goldberg, John Crowley (who, despite being a gentile, has written Jewish novels), E.L. Doctorow, and Cynthia Ozick.