Bent Sørensen has a Ph.D. in American Literature and Culture from Aalborg University, where he is Associate Professor of English. He teaches 20th and 21st century American literature, cultural studies and theory, and various writing classes, including Creative Writing, in the interdisciplinary Department of Culture and Global Studies. He is a member of the Interdisciplinary Research Group in Culture (IRGiC).

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The author of two books and 80+ academic papers, he has written and published on:

Articles have appeared in The Explicator, Philament, OASIS, Orbis Litterarum, The Nordic Journal of English Studies, Literary Research, Caiet de Semiotica, PsyArt Journal, Imaginaires, Recherches Anglaises et Nord-Americaines, Academic Quarter and Comparative Critical Studies - as well as in numerous conference proceedings volumes and themed monographs (3 new book chapters came out in 2013 and more are forthcoming in 2014). Book reviews have appeared in Cercles and Studio Journal. A piece from The Explicator was reprinted in 2007 in Harold Blooms highly selective reader on T.S. Eliots The Waste Land.

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His current book projects consist of collecting monographs on Cultural Text Studies approaches to Song Lyrics, and Beat Generation Essays.

He is one of four editors of PsyArt Journal - the online journal of The Foundation for the Psychological Study of the Arts, which he has been President of since 2011. Since 2010 he has served on the editorial board of Academic Quarter, the AAU academic journal for research from the humanities. A 2014 issue of AQ on Icons will be co-edited by him, with Helle Thorsøe Nielsen and Ella Chmielewska.

He has also previously edited 5 Faces of Derrida, a short collection commemorating Jacques Derrida with 4 readings of aspects of Derridas work and a round-table discussion of the recent film Derrida (Department of Languages, Culture and Aesthetics, Working Papers 35, January, 2005). Part of this work was presented at the Following Derrida conference in Winnipeg, October 2006 by his colleagues Søren Balle and Gray Kochhar-Lindgren. The IRGiC volume on intermedial and interarts connections which he co-edited has appeared from Aalborg University Press, under the Danish title Interaktioner - Kunstarternes produktive Mellemværender, and in 2014 he will co-edit a new IRGiC volume on Non-Places.

Two of his translation projects have appeared in book form from Eyecorner Press:

1. Årstider i Skeptikerens Himmel - Aforismer af Valeriu Butulescu (63 pp. - selected, translated into Danish and ed. w/ Camelia Elias), 2008
2. Jagged Timeline - Selected Poems by Robert Gibbons (180 pp. - selected, translated into Danish and ed., w. a scholarly intro.), March 2010

His translation into English of Gorm Henrik Rasmussens book on Nick Drake was published in January 2012: Pink Moon: A Story about Nick Drake (176 pp) Rocket 88, ISBN 978-1906615291

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In 2003-4 he set a personal record by appearing at 15 international conferences in one academic year, giving 12 different papers at these events. This feat he will never attempt to duplicate.
The 2004-5 academic year featured (only) 6 conferences, including ESSE-7 in Zaragoza, where he was both a seminar convener (Disorders of the Mind in Literature and Film) and a participant in a
workshop on “The Gothic”. The year continued with conferences in Alcalá, Reims and Krakow, NAAS 2005 in Växjö and ICLP 22 in Cordoba.
2005-6 featured a total of 11 conferences, starting with appearances in
Canterbury and Athens in October '05 and Louisville, Kentucky in February '06, Reims in March, Copenhagen and Helsinki (Maple Leaf & Eagle 11) in May, and Karlstad in June, ICLP 23 in Helsinki and Poetry and Politics in Stirling, both in July '06. In April at the EAAS-2006 in Nicosia he convened a workshop on the poetics of nonconformity with Nephie Christodoulides, and at ESSE-8 in London in August 2006 he was co-convener of Anthony Johnsons seminar on The New Imagology.
The fall of '06 was conference free, but the rest of the 2006-7 season featured BAAS-2007 in Leicester, NAAS-2007 in Tampere, and culminated with ICLP 24 in Belgrade.
The 2007-8 academic year was more prolific, having commenced with two events in France: Strasbourg in November '07, and Reims in March 2008, followed by two Nordic events in May:
Renvalls Maple Leaf & Eagle 12 and EAAS-2008 in Oslo. After ICLP 25 in Lisbon in July, August of 08 featured 2 more talks at ISSEI-11 in Hesinki, and at ESSE-9 in Aarhus.
The 2008-9 academic year opened with Dick Ellis
delightful Kerouac conference in Birmingham in December. Spring 2009 only featured two events, both recurrent favourites: NAAS, this time held in Copenhagen, and ICLP 26, which was held in Viterbo, Italy. On the home front, the first ever IRGiC seminar was held at AAU, on the theme of Interactions.
The 2009-10 academic year held 8 events, including the big European conferences: EAAS-2010 in Dublin,
where he convened a workshop on Remediating the Beats; ESSE-10 in Turin in August; as well as recurrent events such as Renvalls Maple Leaf and Eagle 13 and the NAES, also held in Finland (Oulu) this year. The summer of 2010 of course featured the annual PsyArt event, ICLP 27 - this year held in Hungary. There were three more conference appearances: An invited lecture at the Syndrome Syndrome symposium at Keele in the UK, the Style In Theory event on Malta, and the Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture after 1900 (this time with an association workshop for Psy-Arters where he was an invited panelist). IRGiC held its second annual seminar at AAU, on Cultural Traffic.
The 2010-11 academic year featured a first ever Irish Studies event, namely the NISN 7 in Tromsø in December; the NAAS 2011 in Oslo in May - and of course the Roskilde
ICLP 28 in June 2011 which he organized w. Camelia Elias. IRGiC held its third annual seminar at AAU, on Spectrality.
2011-12 started with another Irish Studies do in Dalarna, Sweden in November, the 4th IRGiC seminar (on The End) in April, a return to the Maple Leaf and Eagle conference in Helsinki (5th consecutive appearance) in May - and continued with ICPA 29 (formerly ICLP) in Ghent, Belgium (8th consecutive year), as well as the inaugural European Beat Studies Network gathering in Middelburg, Holland in September. Furthermore, he was in absentia co-convener of the seminar on
Literature and Buddhism in Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts at ESSE -11 in Istanbul.
2012-13 was to have seen a return to Dalarna for the NISN conference in December, but illness prevented his participation. 2013 proper started with
Bestsellers and Blockbusters at AAU in March, NAAS-2013 in Karlstad in May, and regular IRGiC (Places and Non-Places) and PSY-ART activities (ICPA 30 in Porto). The academic year culminated with hosting the EBSN 2 in Aalborg in August.
2013-14 commenced with an invited presentation at Tarotcon UK in Keswick in September and continued with an appearance at Poetry Lab in Brussels in November. 2014 brings the local AAU conference
Dissent! in January, EAAS-2014 in Den Haag in April, Maple Leaf and Eagle 15 in Helsinki - and will also involve the hosting of the 9th NISN conference in Aalborg in May. In addition there will be the annual IRGiC research seminar (on Value & Quality), and of course, ICPA 31 in Madrid in June.

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He has completed research and exchange visits to University of British Columbia, Vancouver (1996); Columbia University, New York (2001); University of Lisbon (2003); Brenau University, Georgia, USA (2003 & 2004). A visit to University of Helsinki (Renvall Institute) and Oulu University, Finland took place in late April 2005. A third visit to Brenau to celebrate the launch of the collaborative CTS 2 volume, Transatlantic, and an invited lecture at IPSA in Gainesville, Florida, both took place in February 2006. A re-visit to Oulu took place in April 2007. In December 2007 he was invited to visit and lecture at Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania. February 2010 featured a presentation of Transatlantic scholarship at Georgia Gwinnett College, Lawrenceville, GA, and Spring 2012 included an ERASMUS exchange to Åbo Akademi, Turku, Finland.

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