Selected Papers
(for work post-2008 I refer you to VBN full-text uploads)

Literary Studies:

The Survival of a Dissident Poet: Life in the Little Magazines before and after the Web – the Case of The Evergreen Review and Robert Gibbons (Presented at ESSE-9 in Århus, August 2008)

Post 9-11 Fiction as Trauma Narrative: Safran Foer
ICLP 25, Lisbon, July 2-7, 2008

The Cultural Kernel and the Transnational Subject: Meena Alexander
The Cultural Kernel Conference, Reims, March 2008
The Atlantic Community, March 2008

A burst of language following a collision with a large piece of furniture...
Studio, Vol. 1, No. 2, 2007
The Atlantic Community, January 2008

Beat Dreams? Jack Kerouac’s Book of Dreams
24. International Literature & Psychology Conference, Belgrade, July 2007

The Ambiguous Valorization of Madness in Beat Literature
23. International Literature & Psychology Conference, Helsinki, June/July 2006

Representations of Big Sur in Late Modernist and Early Postmodern­ist American Writing
Space Haunting Discourse, Karlstad, June 2006

Constructing and Deconstructing Racism in Conrad
The Plurality of Interpretation Colloquium, Reims, March 2006

Narratives of Disorder, Disorders of Narrative
Invited presentation, IPSA, U. of Florida, Gainesville, Fl., February 2006
Paper as published in Psy Art, September 2006

The Beats as Cultural Others/Exotics in Recent Memoirs by Exile Poets
Paper for Louisville 20th C. Literature Conference, February 2006 & BAAS, Leicester, April 2007

“Small, but exalted” – Otherness in Nella Larsen’s Novels
Article appearing in Cultural Text Studies: An Introduction, February 2006

Postmodern Identity-work and Historiography: The ‘Facts’ in the Strange Case of Monsieur Federman
to Lisbeth R Pedersen: Surface Disturbances - A Reading of Raymond Federman’s Surfictions..., Working Papers 39, 2005 (PDF)

Tourette as Reconstructions of Pain and Joy in Fiction: Lethem, Lefcourt, Hecht, Rubio, Byalick
22. International Literature & Psychology Conference, Cordoba, July 2005 (PDF from proceedings); HASE 6, Athens, October 2005

Beat Dreams? The Books of Dreams of Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs
Dream Writing, Canterbury, October 2005

Poetics and Materiality: The Spools, Loops and Patches of  Jack Kerouac and A.R. Ammons
NAAS 2005, Växjö, May 2005

A Comment on an Iconic Reading of Two e.e. cummings Poems
Brief responsum to a paper by  Michael Webster & Etienne Terblanche at the Iconicity Symposium, Krakow, March 2005

Let us space”: Chaos and Order/Concrete Prose Icons in Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves
Chaos and Order Colloquium, Reims, March 2005; Iconicity Symposium, Krakow, March 2005

Images of Europe
: Readings in the Literary Topography of Generational Writings
Contribution appearing in CTS 2: Transatlantic

Negotiations of Genre in the Short Fiction of Alasdair Gray
8th International. Conf. on the Short Story in English, Alcalá, Spain
AAU guest lecture,
Untitled - Feb. 7, 2005
Also appearing in Dept. of Languages and Int..., Working Papers 37, 2005 (PDF)

Postmodern Gothic and Juvenalian/Menippean Satire in Bret Easton Ellis’s The Informers
ESSE-7 Conference, Zaragoza, September 2004; Literary Research/Recherche Littéraire, vol.21, nos. 41-42, 2004

Better than Text? – Textuality as Sexuality in Postmodern North American Prose Poems
Poetry & Sexuality Conference, Stirling, July 2004

Jewishness and Identity in Jonathan Lethem’s Motherless Brooklyn
NAES, Aarhus, May 27, 2004; forthcoming in conference proceedings, unedited on-line version here

Some Remarks on Lexical Fragments and Romanian Echoes in T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land”
Timisoara BAS Conference, May 14, 2004,
published in Caiet de Semiotica 16, pp. 129-136; Timisoara, Romania, 2006, co-authored w. Camelia Elias

Images of Europe in Generational Novels: From Bohemia to Eurotrash
BAAS Conference paper, April 16, 2004

Katabasis in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian
EAAS Conference, Prague, April 3, 2004; revised version appearing in Orbis Litterarum, vol 60, 1 - Feb. 2005 (PDF)

  Theorizing Belonging: The Short Story Sequences of Salinger, Updike and Coupland
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Short Fiction Theory and Criticism Conference, Salamanca, March 26, 2004

The Tic'ing Detective: Jonathan Lethem's Motherless Brooklyn
Louisville 20th C. Literature Conference, February 29, 2004

Cultural and Individual Memory in Raymond Federman's The Twofold Vibration
CYSSE Conference paper, February 21, 2004

An On & Off Beat: Kerouac's Beat Etymologies
Article appearing in Philament's Off-Beat Issue & AAU English lecture, February 16, 2004

“Tereu” as lexical fragment or vocative in T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land”
Paper appearing in The Explicator,
Vol. 62, Number 2 - Winter 2004, co-authored w. Camelia Elias

Freudian Economies in Poe
Article appearing in Nordic Journal of English Studies, vol.3, no. 3, 2004

The Use of Doubles in Poe's Love Stories
Brenau University Lecture, October 2003

“Small, but exalted” –  Difference and Otherness in Nella Larsen’s Life and Work
Brenau University talk, October 2003

Youth and Innocence as Textual Constructs in the Short Stories of J.D. Salinger and Douglas Coupland
OASIS article

Generation X  as a Book/Object: A Microsemiotic Reading
A chapter from my PhD dissertation (2001) (Dissertation abstract)

Love, Identity and Reason in the Tales of Edgar Allan Poe (PDF)
Full text of my out-of-print, book-length study:
Dept. of Lang. and Intercultural Studies, Working papers, vol. 23 (1994)

Cultural Studies:

Icons of Transgression: Charles Manson & Patty Hearst
EAAS-2008, Oslo, May 2008

The Cadillac as Cultural Text
Maple Leaf and Eagle 12, Helsinki, May 2008

Ekphrasis in Reverse: The Use and Abuse of Poetry in Popular Film
High Culture, Low Culture: Reprises, Recycling, Recuperations, Strasbourg, France, November 2007

They Say They Put a Man on the Moon - Fallen Astronaut – Violence, Bodies, and Moon Art
NAAS 2007, Tampere, May 2007

Cultural studies essays in Danish, commissioned by Det Humanistiske Studiemiljøudvalg, 2006 & Kulturkapellet, 2007:
1) Livskvalitet, kultur og identitet (Mellemrummets PDF)
2) Musik som historisk og kulturel tekst

3) Kulturkanon og kulturforståelse: eksklusion og participation (Mellemrummets PDF)
4) Hvorfor kunst- og kulturformidling?

Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, and Joni Mitchell’s Post-AIDS Lyrics: Canadi­an Cultural Critiques?
Poetry and Politics, Stirling, July 2006

Countercultural Icon-work: Adversarial and Collaborative Uses of “Uncle Sam”
Maple Leaf and Eagle Conference, Helsinki, May 2006

Portraits of Blacks: Nella Larsen and Early 20th C. Danish Paintings
Presentation at Denmark and the Black Atlantic Conference, KU, May 2006

Transatlantic: New Perspectives
Brief theoretical contribution appearing in CTS 2: Transatlantic, co-authored w. Camelia Elias

Adaptation in Adaptation: A Real Fictitious Story(line)
  Article in OpenWindows: Remediation Strategies in Global Film Adapations, eds. Jørgen Riber Christensen & Kyle Nicholas

Physicists in the Field of Fiction
Invention, BCLA Conference, Leeds, July 2004, revised version appearing in Comparative Critical Studies, vol 2, no. 2 2005

The Celtic Ray: Representations of Diaspora Identities in Van Morrison Lyrics
Presentation at Eagle & Maple Leaf Conference, Helsinki, May 2004
Revised version appears in 
Re-mapping Exile: Realities and Metaphors in Irish Literature and History, ed by M. Böss et al., Århus UP, 2005

5 Faces of Derrida (PDF)
Dept. of Lang. and Intercultural Studies, Working papers, vol. 35

Derrida, 911 and Cultural Analysis
  Chapter in
Culture, Media, Theory, Practice:  Perspectives, ed. Ben Dorfman, Aalborg U.P., 2004

Forgiving Derrida for Dying...
Presentation for 5 Faces of Derrida event, AAU October 18, 2004

Sacred and Profane Iconwork: Elvis Presley and Jane Fonda
AAU English Lecture, February 2, 2004
Revised version in
US Icons and Iconicity, eds. Hölbling, Rieser & Rieser, American Studies in Austria, vol. 4, LIV Verlag, Austria, 2006

Cultural Acceleration and Labelling of Generations
Complexity Conference AAU January 2004

Belated Paratext in Generational Writings
Complexity Conference AAU January 2004

Some Theses Concerning the Icon
A contribution to the field of Cultural Iconology

The Cultural Semiotics of the 'X'
An article drawn from my PhD dissertation (2001)


Pros and Cons of Project Based Learning
Presentation of the AAU Project Model: 2 Personal Narratives (w. Camelia Elias)
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