English Winter 2012/13

Alternative Exam for MA-elective in Cultural Text Studies
 (exact hand-in date TBA - approx. 3rd week of January 2013) 

Your paper may not exceed 10 pages at 2400 characters per page. The number of characters in the paper must be listed on the paper’s cover sheet. Failure to list this will result in the paper not being read. Use a consistent, comprehensible documentation style throughout the paper. All quotations, sources and borrowed ideas must be cited. All papers must be written as individual work.

Cultural text studies

Discuss one or several of the following issues and problematics connected with the study of cultural texts. In discussing the issues you must draw on the readings assigned for the course as well as discussions in class. You may of course use and draw on supplemental, theoretical sources as well. If you wish you may include an analysis of a cultural example or case, illustrating the issues.

1. Globalization and global text

2. Difference discourses and text/identity writing 

3. (National) film: cultural production and dissemination

4. Music and hybridization: production and reception 

5. Historical and cultural identity: situatedness vs. flow and fragmentation

6. Cultural metamorphosis and position-taking

7. Gatekeepers in the field of cultural production

8. Identity metaphors in cultural texts

If you wish to base your paper on your oral presentation during the course sessions, please feel free to do so!