Cultural Text Studies
  English program, MA elective - Fall 2009

Week day and time: Wednesdays, 12.30 - 2.15
Room: 3.108, KS3

Lecturer: Bent Sørensen

Course books:

Cultural Text Studies 1: An Introduction (Camelia Elias & Bent Sørensen, editors) - CTS1

Cultural Text Studies 2: Transatlantic (Camelia Elias & Andrea Birch, editors) - CTS2


1. (Sept. 9) Cultural text studies (introduction, methodology and themes):
CTS1 - Bent Sørensen: Introduction
CTS2 - Bent Sørensen: Images of Europe: Readings in the Literary Topography of Generational Writings

2. (Sept. 16) Difference discourses:
CTS1 - Bent Sørensen: "Small, but exalted": Otherness in Nella Larsen's Novels
CTS2 -
Lene Yding Pedersen: Atlantizised: Joseph O'Connor's Irish America

3. (Sept. 23) Globalization, global text and cultural transfer:
 CTS1 - Ben Dorfman: The ABCs, or GHQs, of Global Text Reading
CTS2 - Steen Christiansen: Continuity Breach: The British Revision of the American Superhero

4. (Sept. 30) Film and remediation as text production:
CTS1 -  Jørgen Riber Christensen: Remediating Shakespeare - The Boydell Shakespeare Gallery
CTS1 - Steen Christiansen: Hollywood as Cultural Text

5. (Oct. 7) Text as cultural production:
CTS1 -  Jens Kirk: The Production of the Martians
CTS1 -  Camelia Elias: A Mile in Her Shoes: Culture Metamorphses in Rebecca Miller's Personal Velocity

6. (Oct. 21)  Identity as text/Text as Identity:
- Camelia Elias: Passage-way to Culture and Writing - Literature of Transit
CTS1 - Tore Rye Andersen: Down with the Rebels! David Foster Wallace and Postironic Literature

The course is assessed through active attendance (i.e. participation in classroom discussion and one presentation), or by a written essay.

The essay questions are here