Cultural and Media Theory Topic Course: Cultural Text Studies

Bent Sørensen

CMS program
- Fall 2006
Fridays 12 to 2 p.m., room 1.111, KS3

Course books:

Cultural Text Studies 1: An Introduction (Camelia Elias & Bent Sørensen, editors) - CTS1

Culture, Media, Theory, Practice: Perspectives (Ben Dorfman, editor) - CMTPP


1. (Sept. 15) Cultural text studies: introduction, methodology and themes
CTS1 - Bent Sørensen: Introduction

2. (Sept. 22) Difference discourses
CTS1 - Bent Sørensen: "Small, but exalted": Otherness in Nella Larsen's Novels

Independent study period September 25 to October 6:
CMTPP - Ben Dorfman: Culture, Media, Theory, Practice - Perspectives: Introduction
+ The "Historical Approach to Cultural Theory": Toward a Historical Phenomenology of Culture

3. (Oct. 13) Globalization and global text
 CTS1 - Ben Dorfman: The ABCs, or GHQs, of Global Text Reading

4. (Oct. 20) Film as text production
CTS1 - Steen Christiansen: Hollywood as Cultural Text

5. (Oct. 27) Text as cultural production
CTS1 -  Camelia Elias: A Mile in Her Shoes: Culture Metamorphses in Rebecca Miller's Personal Velocity

6. (Nov. 3) Other views on culture and text
- Christian Jantzen: Theory, Culture and Society + Ben Sachs: Culture, History and Text

The course is followed by a 7-day take-home exam (12 ECTS). Exam dates: Nov. 6 to 13.
The task is to write an essay (max. 20 pp.), answering one or several pre-formulated questions related to the teaching and readings in this class.

The essay questions are here
You may also collect a print version of the exam at Evy Christensen's office Monday morning