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project themes: overview

A special feature of Aalborg University is the significance given to project work in each semester. Students are usually required to work in groups of two to four (2-4), but more advanced students may be given permission to work individually.

As an ICS student you must choose one course in extension of which you will do your project. In addition to this course-project combination you may add further courses at your option from the list of available courses. Those additional courses will have other examination formats than a project, for instance take-home exams, oral exams, or a combination with coursework.

Projects are written in Danish, English, French, German or Spanish.
The oral examination will also be conducted in one of these languages.                                                 

Problem Oriented
Projects take their starting point in practical problems or theoretical topics, which are related to the course work. Lectures and seminars are offered to prepare students for project work on problems within that topic.

Project Writing Workshop                                                                                  A project writing workshop is offered in the first half of every semester.  Students are required to participate.

Project Supervision
Project work will be supervised by an AAU staff member, with whom you will meet regularly throughout the last half of the semester to discuss theories, methodological problems, data collection and analysis, etc. Approximately two (2) hours of project supervision are allocated for individual projects, four to six (4-6) hours of project supervision for group projects, depending on the size of the group.

Project Assessment
photoYou will submit a project paper at the end of the semester (mid-December or mid-May). Individual project papers are usually 20-25 pages in length, whereas group project papers are usually 40-80 pages long, depending on the size of the group. Each student is required to contribute approximately 8000 words (about 15 pages).  Individual contributions must be identified in the table of contents.

One to three weeks after you submitted your written project report, you and your group members will meet with your supervisor and an examiner to discuss it. Although you have prepared your project together with other group members, this final part of the project work is individual. It is referred to as the oral project exam. It generally lasts 30 minutes. You will then receive an individual grade for the project, according to the Danish 7-point scale. Approximately 50% of the grade is based on the written project report, whereas your oral presentation at the beginning of the oral project exam and the ensuing discussion account for the remaining 50% of the project exam grade.

Credit Points
Between 10 and up to 20 ECTS credit points are awarded for projects.

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