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Approximately 40 elective course units are offered each semester. Some of the course units are standard courses that are offered every year. Special seminars and workshops, which change periodically, are also offered each semester.

Courses offered in fall 2008 through fall 2014:

Pedagogical Approach
Some of the course units take the form of lectures with up to 100 students attending. More often the course unit will take place as a seminar enrolling between 5-20 students. Students are expected to actively participate by contributing to discussions and presenting papers.

Class Sessions

The classes usually meet once each week for two hours during the first eight to ten weeks of the semester.

Course Prefixes

Course prefixes are used to help you identify the programme in which the course is offered.
CCG Culture, Communication and Globalization
ENG English Language and Culture
IBC International Business Communication
PSY Psychology
SIS  Languages and International Studies
COMM Communications
ArT Art & Technology

The course prefixes will also help you identify the number of semesters a Danish student must have studied to enroll in the course. For example, CCG-7 is a course for 7th semester specialising in Culture, Communication and Globalization. Courses taken during the 7th, 8th and 9th semesters are master's level courses. Although master's level courses, they are available to undergraduate guest/exchange students within ICS.

Languages of Instruction
Courses are taught in English, French, German and Spanish. Students with intermediate or advanced Danish-language proficiency may select from a wide-range of courses that are taught in Danish.

Course Description
A schedule of courses will be given to guest students at the beginning of each semester. 

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